Should You Travel With a Portable Air Mattress?

Published On January 2, 2018 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Traveling is the best way to enrich your life – and there are so many ways to do it, from hitchhiking around the world to flying over it! But no matter where you go and what sort of accommodation you pick, having a back-up for sleeping is always a good idea. A portable air mattress is an affordable and practical option for this purpose. It will save you money, provide comfortable rest and help in unforeseen situations.

portable air mattress

If you worry such an item may be too bulky or heavy, well, you shouldn’t: new air mattresses take up little space; they can be folded small enough to fit your luggage. Let me give you several good reasons for traveling with a portable air mattress:

Easy to handle

The current air mattresses are practical, simple to pack, transport, unpack and get ready. It will take you little time to inflate or deflate it.

Safe option

What if you don’t like the surface you sleep on during the night (whether it is a bed in a hotel room or a couch in someone’s house)? What if you have to sleep under the skies? Any of those circumstances may bring discontent and create discomfort. But when you have your portable air mattress, you’ll just inflate it and create a bed, wherever you may be.


A portable air mattress will offer you comfort and support; it will save you from struggling to rest in distressing conditions. Plus, you get to choose it according to your preferences; get the best one to fulfill all your traveling requirements, and you’ll avoid unpleasant sleeping situations.


A portable air mattress can serve diverse other purposes than sleeping. It can transform into floating equipment, if necessary. You could use it for a short power nap, or it can be of assistance in medical situations.


That is by far my favorite reason of all. When you travel and have a portable air mattress, you can go anywhere and not worry about where to sleep. It will give you total freedom by helping you not depend on preset accommodation arrangements.

Here are a few pieces of advice I believe you may find useful when carrying a portable air mattress:

  • Keep it simple. Get the single model if you want a genuinely portable air mattress, don’t go for the double option. Also, try to find a product with those particular valves that allow automatic inflating and deflating.
  • Fold carefully. Remove all excess air from the mattress when you want to fold it, starting at one end and start pushing the air out slowly. Once most of the air is out, fold it lengthwise first, then widthwise and repeat until your mattress gets folded into quarters. Then you can either roll it or go for the flat packing, before putting it in your luggage.
  • Keep it safe. Get a carrying mattress case for when it’s folded: that way, you’ll prevent punctures and shifting around during travel.
  • Be smart. Bring an extra pump with you, if possible, for those undesired situations when the mattress won’t self-inflate. Also, take a few patches with you, just in case. You never know when they can be of good use.




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