How to Travel Cheap and Conveniently: Tips and Tricks

Published On June 13, 2018 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Cheap and convenient trips aren’t dream, they are reality! How to travel cheap but conveniently: tips from passionate travelers. Travel round the world!

How to Travel Cheaply but Conveniently

Make travel your life! How many people would like to do it, but there are always important reasons why they can`t… don’t want to… or who knows what. Experience shows that smart traveling isn’t so expensive, moreover, there are many ways to organize even cheap trips that are comfortable. Everything depends, as usual, on people, their wishes, and their priorities.

Break stereotypes with some crazy, though viable tips on how to travel cheaply and comfortably. Try out ways that will help you to discover a completely new world that is different from the one where you have lived till now. Travel a lot. Travel with pleasure. Moreover, travel cheaply. Here you may find some advice from on how to do it:

  • Plan in advance
  • Look for deals – they are offered by airline companies and hotels
  • Select proper clothing
  • Minimum of things
  • Work while traveling

Are you still hesitant? These tips provide the minimum that you need to organize your trip in a proper way. You can extend the list to as many positions as you wish, but eventually, all of them will be just some bonuses to the existing ones. Hence, don’t worry too much, make everything step by step, and you may make the trip of your life without spending your entire income you have been earning for several years.

Plan in Advance

This tip includes everything: planning of your route, schedule, tickets, and so on. Just imagine that you are planning a trip and you even don’t know which places you will check out in a country. In such case, you may end up staying in a hotel and going out just to the nearby shop to buy food. Such an experience! That’s definitely not what you are going to do!

Then, before starting your journey, make sure you check which places are recommended to visit. Read more about them, decide which of them you would like to see and which look like uninteresting ones. Make a route, plan how you will go there. Are there any tours? Are they available online? If yes, maybe, you can even make a preliminary booking, just to make sure, that this trip is arranged.

Looking for Deals Is a Part of Planning

Do you know that you can live in a 5* hotel for just a couple of dollars? These options are called deals, and you can find them on several websites. Just start planning and checking everything well in advance. Deals aren’t offered constantly, moreover, they are sold out super-fast. Just make a list of websites where they are offered and check them constantly. If it is possible, you can even subscribe for notifications, then, you will be receiving emails with offers directly to your mailbox.

Airline companies like deals, as well. Moreover, they like offering different bonuses, for example, “miles”. Check where you can get “free miles”, what you should do to get them. In some countries, when you do your daily shopping in particular shops and pay with a bank card, you get free miles. In some cases, you register with a company and get free miles for each trip. As well, deals are available. Check if some company is going to have a birthday, then, there is a possibility to get something good from that, for example, a cheap ticket.

Select Proper Clothing

“Proper” doesn’t mean cheap or expensive, for hot or cold weather. The main thing is to select clothes that are convenient, easy to put on and to take off, and those that don’t need ironing of course. Make sure they are appropriate for weather conditions in the place you are going to. You don’t think that winter in Russia is the same as winter in Mexico, for example, do you? And one more thing: make sure you feel convenient in the clothes you are taking with you.

Taking a Huge Suitcase: What for?

Do you know that in most cases all you need is a T-shirt and jeans? Well, ok, a couple of T-shirts and 2-3 pairs of jeans. That’s about clothes. If you aren’t going to visit an official party, then, taking an evening dress may be not very reasonable. What about high heels shoes? That also depends on the purpose of your trip. If you are going to do some sightseeing, then just imagine how you will climb a mountain to see an ancient castle in shoes with 10 cm heels. That even sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Such things like towels, soap, shampoo, sometimes even a toothbrush and toothpaste are provided in hotels. Just make sure you check with the hotel what they provide. And definitely, there is no need to carry u blankets, duvets, and similar stuff with you, unless you are camping, of course.

All in all, the main idea can be summarized like this: take those things which you use every day and without which you will feel uncomfortable. Leave at home things that you can call “just in case” – this case may not come during the trip.

Work While Traveling

This is the best tip for those who don’t have money but want to travel. Have you seen announcements in restaurants about such jobs, like a waiter, or cleaner? Yes, those jobs aren’t the most pleasant ones, but they might be paid “per hour” and you can get money after your working shift. Moreover, you don’t need to be officially employed. This is a good option to get some bucks to continue your trip, moreover, most likely, you will have a good meal for free!


Traveling, like any other activity doesn’t depend on money, but on the wish. Just make sure you are passionate about it, make it the target or, say, the next year, and just go. Money comes and goes. Experience and impressions last forever.



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