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Published On June 3, 2019 | By This World Rocks | Travel Planning
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One of the mottos that the Hamilton watches defends at the top is the “American spirit and Swiss precision”. It is something like trying to mix the deep design of the USA, where the chronograph and the leather strap predominate, with the Swiss watchmaking mechanism, precision and reliability to the maximum.

As a motto it is impossible to improve, but little by little we will discover in this article dedicated solely and exclusively to Hamilton watches its benefits, advantages, disadvantages, each of its collections and, of course, how they cost.

The history of Hamilton has been developing slowly for almost 120 years, where the design of American has been united, in the beginnings in the city of Lancaster, with the most advanced and most reliable technology currently, of Switzerland, in the city of Biel. (the world capital of watchmaking).

This union has created a line of high-end watches that currently bases its designs on electronic technology, aviation and film. With a very strong personality and a design adapted to all needs, Hamilton watches know how to perfectly combine, as we said before, the American spirit with Swiss technology.

Hamilton watches for men

If we study deeply the catalog of Hamilton watches for men, we would realize that it follows a series of differentiated patterns with respect to other brands.

To begin with, designers like to keep a sphere of dark colors, practically black, to choose a suitable contrast in white Arabic numeration. It is a symbol of the brand’s distinction and enters better through the eyes.

Hamilton watches indiscriminately combine quartz movements, such as the first case, the Hamilton Khaki H64611535, but a design adapted to the brand, and automatic movements,  as in the second case, the Hamilton Khaki Automatic H77615133. A clock that pleads for the perfection of the details, with a very robust box (stainless steel) and a precision that stands out above other watches. In fact, it is something that is often commented on in the testimonials of buyers. Hence its price.

Hamilton stainless steel watches

Within the catalog of Hamilton watches at https://www.thewatchcompany.com/hamilton, you can find the versions where the stainless steel material has been chosen as the main protagonist. We can see it both in the box and on the strap, where in most of them it keeps the black dial as a symbol of the brand, as we have commented before.

Automatic Hamilton watches

Although we have already seen some model in automatic, Hamilton has an extensive line of these models that combine mechanical movement with styles of aviator, chronograph or sportier designs.

What we can highlight without fear of doubts that in terms of automatic watchmaking, Hamilton, who has chosen the mechanisms of Swiss watchmaking (hence the motto of the brand), offer absolute precision and reliability.

Hamilton watches for women

Although we saw in the Hamilton watches for men, a more immovable design, where there could be small variations between them, with large stainless steel boxes, steel or leather straps, dark and ornate spheres, etc., in women the opposite happens.

The Hamilton watches for women have adapted to a changing market where fashionable patterns are constantly altered. Therefore, if you take a look at the catalog, you will find a high variety of materials, shapes and designs.


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