Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

Published On August 29, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Accidents in the United States claim the lives of many passengers and pedestrians. Semi-truck crashes are one of the leading causes of road accidents. It accounted for over 40,317 deaths in 2016. In Texas, nearly 518 deaths resulted from a semi-truck crash in the same year. The increasing number of accidents caused by semi-truck crushing makes it crucial to understand what happens should you be involved in one.

There has been an increasing number of semi -truck crash injuries in the US. In 2015, over 83,000 crashes from semi-trucks were reported, which claimed over 116,000 lives. The number of deaths increased significantly in the year 2016, with over 145,000 deaths and 104,000 accidents reported in the country.

Every road user should beware of the harm caused by road accidents. This article is designed to educate you on some common cause of semi-truck accidents on our roads.

Causes of semi-truck accidents in the US 

1. Increasing demand for truck drivers

For over a decade, the American Trucking Association has been experiencing shortages for long-haul truck drives. With a shortage of over 50, 000 drivers, most drivers are under pressure to complete their routes on time and meet the increasing demand for their services. This means some drivers may be compelled to go above the speed limits or use wrong routes, which results in crashes.

2. Poor handling of cargo 

Only expert commercial truck loaders are allowed to load cargo on trucks. Each truck comes with a specific carrying capacity and cargo measurement it can support. The commercial truck loaders must follow strict rules and apply the specified methods of securing all cargo they load on a truck for safe transportation.

3. Poor vehicle maintenance 

Semi-trucks carry heavy cargo for extremely long distances. This results in frequent tear and wear of tires and brake systems. The trucks should be repaired at the end of every route to ensure they are always in good condition to transport the next shipment. Also, every truck driver should issue their truck maintenance report to their employers to reduce the potential of any faults in the semi-truck.

4. Incompetent truckers 

Distracted driving, bad maneuvering decisions, and drowsy or impaired driving are amongst the leading causes of semi-truck crashes. Truckers should always ensure they are in good state of health before they start their journey. Also, to avoid mistakes when maneuvering, they should have a co-driver or turn-boy familiar with the routes they are taking for guidance.

5. Bad weather 

Change in weather is also another leading cause of semi-truck crashes. During the rainy seasons, the roads are slippery. Many potholes on roads make it difficult for truckers to make the right maneuvering decisions. During winter, snowfall can put every road user and truck driver at risk of an accident.


Truckers can prevent most truck accidents if the common causes of such accidents is minimized. The relevant institutions should provide the right training to drivers to ensure they pass their road tests before transporting a long-haul truck. Every trucker and pedestrian should beware of the five common causes of semi-truck crashes given here to be safe on the road.



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