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5 Unique Honeymoon Destinations For The Adventurous Couple

Published On March 6, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Once the big day is over and you have officially tied the knot, it’s time for your unforgettable honeymoon to begin. If you and your new spouse are the types that like to live life to the fullest and love to try new experiences, this is the best time to start out on that journey together.

Imagine taking a whole week — or even two weeks if you’re lucky — and setting off on the first adventure of your lives together. After all the stress of planning your wedding, you deserve to kick back and have some fun together as a married couple. Your honeymoon should be a trip that you will remember forever, so think bucket list destinations.

From hiking in the mountains of Peru to enjoying some time on the links with one of Pinehurst Golf Packages, the sky’s the limit for the luxurious and exciting memories to be made. Follow your passions as a couple and start your life together with a romantic honeymoon filled with thrills.

Iceland – The Land of Ice & Fire

Contrary to its name, Iceland is much more than barren ice fields and snow. Discover the phenomenal hiking terrain and diving opportunities that can thrill you with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Bathe in ancient healing hot springs or travel through the famous lava fields on bikes. Have a romantic dinner at the bottom of an ice cave and then retreat to your own private chalet, glass of champagne in hand, to enjoy the spectacular aurora borealis natural light show.

Golf Getaway

If you and your spouse love to hit the links together, a golfing honeymoon may be the perfect choice for you. Choose an exotic course location like South Africa or Hawaii and get your clubs swinging. Honeymoon packages with private lodgings are available at most major golf resorts. Enjoy fine dining and entertainment in the evenings after a full day on some of the most luxurious and challenging golf courses in the world.

Galapagos Islands

For the true adventurers, a trip to the Galapagos Islands will stay in your memory forever. There is no other place on earth where so many rare bird, fish and reptile species can be found in one place. Hike through the series of islands and witness the amazing wildlife, snorkel in the shallows and observe ancient sea turtles and sea lions at play, or visit one of the amazing volcanic craters.

Great Barrier Reef – Australia

Perfect for the couple that loves the water! The Great Barrier Reef on the eastern shores of Australia is one of the seven wonders of the natural world. Enjoy some of the most amazing diving and snorkeling to be found anywhere on the planet. The Aussie hospitality can’t be beat with 5-star dining and accommodations that cater to adventure seekers and scuba enthusiasts.

Machu Picchu – Peru

Set your sights on adventure and a trip through ancient history. Tour the countryside and mountains of Peru as you make your way to the ruins of the famed ruins of Machu Picchu. The hike itself is a unique experience that won’t be quickly forgotten. Get a glimpse of how this mysterious and centuries-old settlement was designed and resurrected by archeologists and scientists from around the world.



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