Visiting India? Don’t Forget to Stop by These 5 Popular Tourist Destinations

Published On January 29, 2019 | By Staff Writer | India, Travel Planning
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There are many tourist stops to visit when traveling through beautiful India. One of the best ways to travel is bikes on rent so you can enjoy the winding roads and avoid large areas of traffic. If a motorcycle is not your style, try scooty on rent and stick to the towns with paved roads.

Although there are many places to visit when traveling to India, here are 5 popular tourist destinations you don’t want to miss.

1. Pushkar

Pushkar is one of the oldest towns in India and one can view the remains of the past with the ruins poking up here and there. View the city atop a camel and a tour guide for the most authentic Indian ride. There are breathtaking resorts and some of the most interesting places like the Brahma Temple, a one-of-a-kind in the entire world. In addition to the beauty of this area, check out the famous fair for all your product needs.

2. Delhi

There is no place on earth like Delhi. People visit it for the rich history and political power, which is always on display. Delhi is a vibrant cultural city with many different places to visit and things to do. If you love to shop, you have found the right place, Delhi has everything and anything in its shops. There are also several “Day Out” places to visit with friends and groups of coworkers. Many are for team building with obstacle courses and mountains of tires to climb.

3. Auli

For the outdoor type, visit Auli where there is plenty to do and see. There is skiing, river rafting and trekking, and motorcycle touring. There is a 3.5 km long auto track down to Joshimath that shouldn’t be missed. Known for its ski resorts, Auli is the perfect spot to try out some new moves on the large slopes. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, there are smaller hills for inexperienced skiers and lessons for those who have never been on skis before.

4. Jaipur

Jaipur is known as the Pink City, because of the old pink dividers around town. It is an ancient city to be explored on top of an elephant with a guide who can tell you all about each building and street. There are fortifications and royal residences to see and explore. Other places in Jaipur to visit include Albert Hall Museum, Amber Fort, City Royal Residence, Jal Mahal, and so many others, you’ll want to stay a few days. And don’t forget to sample the many different foods in the various size restaurants around the center of town and beyond.

5. Nainital

The beautiful emerald, Lake Nainital should not be missed. You can explore the waters on colorful boats with or without a guide. This is the largest town in India and the most visited. For the adventurous, there is paddling on the lake or horseback riding in the countryside. There are incredible scenic views of mountains and the water, as well as decadent places to eat.


Traveling through India has something for everyone. From river rafting to mountain trekking, you will enjoy all that India has to present to you as a traveler. Whether you are on a motorcycle or boat, there is plenty to see and do in this colorful, peaceful, and enchanted land. 





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