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Dan’s Luggage

March 15, 2014

I am carrying an Osprey Meridian 22 carry-on backpack.     These backpacks are officially called convertible-wheeled luggage, and they are actually two bags in one.  The main part of the bag can either be rolled, or worn as a backpack.  The smaller bag is a small backpack that can zip right onto the main part to make...

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My Computer

February 10, 2014

Dan is carrying a 15-inch Macbook Pro....

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My Cameras

February 9, 2014

I am carrying two cameras, one Nikon and the camera on my iPhone 6: Bronze Nikon D5200  Tamron 18-270mm VR Lens iPhone 6  ...

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Camera Bag

December 10, 2013

Ape Case Standard Digital SLR Holster Camera Bag I recently upgraded my camera bag to this new, smaller Ape Case.  The original bag I had ended up being much bulkier than I needed, and I think I overdid it with the padding.  This new case still features padding, but in a much sleeker way.  The...

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I still remember the first thing Alissa and I did after we purchased our plane tickets for our first big international trip to the Philippines in 2008.  We went to the local bookstore and bought the Lonely Planet guide to the Philippines.  We traveled for two weeks there using the book each and every step...

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We bought this bottle online after a lot of research on water purification methods.  Adding drops or chemicals works, but after reading things like “aftertaste” or “4 hours to work” on some of the online reviews, we looked at other methods.  UV pens have been around for awhile and many people swear by them, so...

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We are only carrying two carry-on sized backpacks for our extended trip, and it was evident from the start that a laundry solution was a critical issue for us. We first heard of the Scrubba Wash Bag by doing a Google search, and it looked perfect for us. We have been travelling with it the...

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What’s in Dan’s Bag?

February 5, 2013

I am packing my Osprey convertible suitcase and day pack and Clik camera bag. Clothes 1 pair jeans 1 pair quick dry shorts 1 pair board shorts 1 pair athletic shorts 1 long sleeve button up shirt 2 short sleeve button up shirt 3 tank tops 1 long sleeve dry fit shirt 5 t-shirts 7...

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Medicine and Toiletries

February 3, 2013

Here are all the medicines and toiletries we are bringing.  We have a clear toiletries bag each, and one additional bag for pills and other non-liquids.  We like GoToobs for liquid and pill containers.  Most of these things we can re-stock while on the road, which we tried to keep in mind while packing as...

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We finished packing today and we were able to fit everything into two carry-on bags and two back packs.  We had about three rounds of eliminating clothes and items that just wouldn’t fit.  Here are some before and after pictures of everything we are carrying: Alissa Before: Alissa After: Dan Before: Dan After:  ...

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